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Do Absolutely Free Background Checks Exist?

February 19th, 2009

You see the term “free background check” thrown around a lot when you start looking for information on doing your own investigations but do absolutely free background checks really exist? Unfortunately, as disappointing as it may be to hear, if you need more than the basic information that most anyone can get from a phone book then you probably will have to pay something at some point.

It’s possible as individuals to gather much of the same information that any detective or private eye could find. The key is knowing where and how to look for it. Police and P.I.’s have an easier time digging up the dirt on people because they have access to specialized databases and resources that the “Average Joe” just doesn’t have. There are many public record resources out there that are accessible by anyone but there’s still going to be some cost involved in attaining them. Conducting absolutely free background checks is near impossible due to this fact alone.

Public records are deemed records that are available for public viewing, meaning anyone can view or access them. Most would think there would be no cost involved to take a look at the records but 99% of the time they’re wrong! In nearly every case the records will need to be printed out or processed, thus incurring an “administrative fee” for the cost of the paper, ink, employee time, etc… While these fees are usually small, there’s still cost involved. It doesn’t matter if you’re doing the research yourself or if someone else is doing it for you, absolutely free background checks don’t exist.

If you’re willing to do the leg work yourself or only need a couple of pieces of information on your subject then a background check can be done at a reasonable cost by anyone. If you need something quick or very detailed your best bet is to use one of the many services on the Internet that offer complete background checks for a fee.

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